Paul you screwed up the quote. I checked. I wrote

"A hugely disproportionate facet of this mounting tyranny stems from the activities of an inbred cabal of Talmudic bankers augmented by their favoured gangs of psychopathic multibillionaires."

I think the word Talmudic fits here. And aren't the Rothschilds encouraged to marry cousins and the European monarchs and aristocrats also encouraged to keep it in the family. Even the goy Rockefellers seem inclined to stick to the Talmudic script.

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Thank you for your insight Dr. Hall. This is great to hear from you. I too, like most people for a long time now, was unaware of being born into a world of financial psyop scammers. Especially being told from birth that we'd escaped scammers like that and we now have "freedom". So logically after I'd joined the US Army Corps of Engineers right at a year before the 9/11 scam I've been learning and sharing the best practical truth I can with some of my free time in these first 25 or so years of the internet. I continue to support and defend our US Constitution and us Americans about all this psyop scam bs best I can. Doing this in turn can only help the rest of the world you would think. I certainly don't claim to know it all, but no one really has to to participate in educating ourselves best we can. These psyop scammers of all kinds all over sure don't help, and have probably been there in increasing numbers since 1913 in America anyway to be covering up as much as they are. I avoid them as much as I can, when I can learn, etc.

So years ago I figured, well, we either learn and share the best practical truth we can in these first 25 or so years of the internet as responsible, concerned, natural human beings, and do so from here on out,, or we don't, ya' know?

Best regards,

Michael 🌻

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Apr 16, 2023Liked by Anthony James Hall

"inbred cabal" is the key here...nothing wrong with the Talmud... " inbred cabal of Talmudic bankers" could include "and Christian royal families, augmented by....... etc. " Prince Phillip expressed a wish to reincarnate as a virus in order to lower human population levels, just one of his many remarks disparaging his 'subjects'. P.S. Nothing wrong with the Bible either...perhaps it's our misinterpretation of sacred legal and theological texts that is the problem, not the texts themselves.

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"inbred call of Tulmudic bankers"?! Wow, Tony!

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