The Myth of the UN Creation of Israel

Following the Second World War, with the dissolution of the League of Nations, responsibility for the Mandate system was transferred to the newly established organization of the United Nations (UN).

The British government, seeking to extricate itself from the conflict it had created with its policy of denying self-determination to the Palestinians, requested that “the question of Palestine” be brought before the UN. To that end, the General Assembly established the UN Special Committee on Palestine (UNSCOP), which put forth a majority recommendation that Palestine be partitioned into separate Arab and Jewish states.

At the time, Jews remained a minority and owned less than 7 percent of the land in Palestine. Arabs owned more land in every single district in Palestine, including Jaffa, which included the main Jewish population center of Tel Aviv.

The partition plan nevertheless called for the Arab state to be comprised of just 45 percent while the Zionists would get about 55 percent for their Jewish state. Moreover, even within the area of the proposed Jewish state, Arabs owned more land, and when not excluding the Bedouin population, Arabs were still a majority.

The UNSCOP report readily acknowledged that inequity of the partition plan and that it constituted a rejection of Palestinians’ right to self-determination. The “principle of self-determination”, the report explained, although expressly recognized as an inherent right of all peoples under the UN Charter, “was not applied to Palestine, obviously because of the intention to make possible the creation of the Jewish National Home there.”

On November 29, 1947, the UN General Assembly proceeded to adopt Resolution 181, which endorsed the partition plan and recommended that it be considered by the Security Council, whose resolutions are legally binding on UN member states. It did go to the Security Council, where it died because, as the US representative Warren Austin rightfully pointed out, the UN had no authority to partition Palestine against the will of most of its inhabitants.

Encouraged by the General Assembly’s endorsement of the partition plan, ethnic cleansing operations by Zionist forces got underway. By the expiration of the Mandate on May 14, 1948, a quarter million Arabs had already been expelled from their homes.

The same day the Mandate expired, the Zionist leadership unilaterally declared the existence of the “Jewish state” of Israel, citing Resolution 181 for legal authority. Contrary to the popular myth that the UN created Israel, Resolution 181 neither partitioned Palestine nor conferred any legal authority to the Zionist leadership for their unilateral declaration.

Neighboring Arab states then intervened militarily in Palestine in a mostly failed effort to stop the ethnic cleansing. By the time armistice agreements were reached, most Palestinians were confined to an area comprising just 22 percent of historic Palestine: the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Apologists for Israel’s crimes against the Palestinians like to try to deny that ethnic cleansing occurred by pointing out that 20 percent of Israel’s population today are Arab citizens of Israel. But it is precisely because ethnic cleansing occurred that only 20 percent of Israeli citizens are Arab. Over 400 Arab villages were literally wiped off the map in order for the demographically “Jewish state” to come into existence.

As then Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Dayan acknowledged in a 1969 interview with the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, “There is not one place built in this country that did not have a former Arab population.”


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The failure to follow through on the two state approach, which was insulting to the Arabs in and around the area covered by Resolution 181, is that it transformed the surviving, in situ Palestinians into permanent "stateless refugees" which remains their legal status to this day. The Palestinians are not true "refugees" as long as the Israelis remain the occupiers of a country founded in violation of the terms of Resolution 181.

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It kinda provides pivotal context to mention that the UN was designed by Zionist Nelson Rockefeller, from 1934 to 1938, and Churchill (City of London) and FDR were fully conversant with this genesis before 1945. Israel was a put-up job, with genocide of Palestinians explicit in the agends in 1948 (Ben Gurion). UK, Germany (post 1950), France, and US have been in lockstep since day one.

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Soviet Union sanctioned Resolution 181. Czechoslovakia delivered early armaments to the nascent Israel, as did mobster boss Mayer Lansky.

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Mayer Lansky founder of Murder Inc. wanted to set up shop for his operation in Israhell, but Golda nixed the idea and said: No Criminal Organization in Israhell. She should have added: we don't want competition here in the terror state of Israhell.

Professor Hall.

I listened to your interview from Tehran. You certainly left no doubt about who has been doing what to whom since circa 1948 in Palestine. Used abused and often simply murdered has been the lot of the Untermensch Palestinians since that time. Your understanding of Zionism's Ubermensch belief and its mentality ( Pathological Criminal Insanity ) is well founded. Hiding behind the fictitious grand propaganda deception and fiction of the ( HOLOCAUST ) drummed into peoples heads through their media since circa 1964.

Has the west learned anything about Zionist shaping and twisting of our nations our societies and our lives as individuals. Our elected leaders are fully aware and dare not say or do anything. The public at large has learned nothing

It will be too late when we all become Palestinians and our Lords and Masters of Zionhood send out their loyal well paid lieutenants to your home to disappear all those found there, if for no other reason than to frighten the neighbours into continual submission.

The Zionists of today operate directly in front of our faces, exhibit no inhibition or fear concerning a backlash against their operations of maximum death and destruction rained down on their victims. This is true especially starting with the mass murder of 9/11.








All organized by our Zionist overlords who have never been asked by our leaders on our behalf "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU".

Once more the majority ( the brainwashed stupids ) cry with Israhell concerning the vicious unprovoked Hamas attack of Oct 07. It was a classic operation of maximum false perception. The media has now been thoroughly scrubbed of any reference at the beginning of this operation regarding Israhelli forces shooting their own people civilians and soldiers. I know in my heart Israhell planned the whole thing.

At the very least western nations should detach themselves from what Israhell is doing and give no aid or comfort to this aggressor for the simple reason that demanding an ocean of blood in return for a bucket of blood which might be OK for the people of the old testament ( Talmud ) is no longer acceptable today. Forget the word acceptable and let's replace it with these: immorality, criminality, sick sons a bitches.


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Good to see you back, WBJ, in this little corner of the world. Tony

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