Aug 22, 2023Liked by Anthony James Hall

When I think about the deep trust my Canadian parents had in white coats, (my parents died a decade ago or more), I know they would have gotten all jabbed up. But I do see that who will be left standing will be the people who will no longer subject themselves to 'western medicine'. A death of the medical industry is underway and I welcome that.

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The Rockefeller-backed attack on local folk remedies constitutes an enormous crime against humanity. A dominant effort in the medical profession has been to try to cut off whole populations from the inherited knowledge going back into thousands of years of learning about how to maximize health and remedy sickness. The professional attack on hydroxychloroquine, derived from an ancient cure for many ailments, but especially malaria, symbolizes the corruption of the medical profession. Have you looked at the Surgisphere scandal to see the lengths the Covidians went to, to conduct a fraudulent study in order to discredit a potential block that might have prevented the FDA from granting Emergency Use Authorization to the kill shots?

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