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The quasi-legal extension of power against individuals, by corporate and governmental entities, owned and/or controlled by the ultra-rich seeks to lock-in some new and severe system of owners and non-owners Non-owners' rights are all suborned to the owners through vast mazes of Catch-22, being attempted through secret connections within the club of wealth and power.

It remains possible for many people to look the other way, for the present moment, while those powers remain incompletely established.

Some of us stand, take our drubbing or firing or arrest, and keep standing.

We hope that people will choose to pay attention, and even to consider changing their views and actions, before they are completely enslaved or become terminally ill.

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Thanks for this Tony.

There is a somewhat related case also taking place in Lethbridge (which I've seen nothing about in our local paper): https://www.trishwoodpodcast.com/podcast/episode-173-sakamoto-chupiuk-buckley:

”First case of its kind — a vaccine injured woman includes the CBC [Canadian Broadcasting Corporation] in her lawsuit against public health and the government. Carrie Sakamoto and her lawyer Eva Chipiuk are staring down some of the most powerful forces in the country to get justice, and perhaps set a precedent.”

The statement of claim may be found here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Eohi6U-x5n0cx9zBOwy35PmoZ-VotnlN/view. Of particular interest to me are items 51 and 70:

51: “In the fall of 2021 and into early 2022, Carrie reached out to many Canadian mainstream media networks, including the CBC, to tell them her story so they could share the impacts of adverse events from the Covid Vaccines with the public and medical doctors. She was advised that they could not report on information that negatively reported on the Covid Vaccines.”

70: “CBC as the public broadcaster abdicated its responsibility to hold the governmental agencies and employees to account by being a mouthpiece of the Minister of Health and the various provincial health authorities in Canada.”

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Excellent article Tony.

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We've seen this script before. It's a total show case. Lacking any real evidence for their dramatic allegations, the Crown et al will prolong the performance as long as possible, thus exhausting the defendants, their resources and their supporters. Then the case will be dropped quietly or reduced to time served. That's a long time to be locked up for no good reason. It's called "political prisoners". The defendants could take a lesson from Indigenous and other People.

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Wow! You are an excellent writer and very knowledgeable about this case and all else that has happened and is still happening. Your descriptions paint a very clear picture of what we are up against on all sides. I read people are encouraged to write letters of support and encouragement to these four Canadian freedom fighters yet only certain letters will be acceptable and allowed to go through to the men so I guess you’ll never know if your letter passed inspection or was rejected.

Glad I found you! Really great to have found a Canadian perspective from a good writer on Substack! I became a free subscriber for now but plan on making some changes to my subscriptions this year. Thank you for this excellent article!

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Unfortunately your informative article was sent to my spam folder, which I normally check, but missed this one.

From your article, among many noteworthy:

"These protections, however, only seem to exist until such time as we actually need them. When

the rights are being violated all our constitutional protections seem to become more useless that

waste paper."

"Most of our Canadian judges systematically betrayed the integrity of adversarial court processes

that depends on the capacity of objective adjudicators to give both sides in disputes fair and equal

consideration. As is happening in country after country during ongoing reign of the injected

bioweapon, the subordination of the rule of law to the rule of political expediency is reaching

epidemic proportions."

"The RCMP and the FBI both are widely perceived as degraded agencies caught up in political

agendas that cause them to leave behind the due diligence of equitable and honest law


The normalization of injustice and dysfunction in justice systems throughout the 'west' begs at least two questions: Can the system be fixed? Must it be replaced? A possible replacement model could be along the lines of classical Greek mass juries, whereby buying juries or intimidating juries or choosing corrupt juries becomes more difficult by far. And who best to protect the public interest than the public?

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Just watched this: https://odysee.com/@KevinJJohnston:3/The-COUTTS-4---Former-Police-Detective-Tells-Us-About-Canada_s-Political-Prisoners:5. It’s long, and I didn’t want to spend so much time on it, but I couldn’t tear myself away. It’s well worth watching.

There is also a great deal on Jason Lavigne’s youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/JasonLavigneMP

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A friend of mine, who protested the vietnam war, and loved O Stones hidden history, who considers himself a moderate student of history, is just entirely blind to current events. Amazingly for him, if it wasn't reported in the MSM it didn't happen.

So that is a large part of the problem. Perhaps 50% of the population assumes all 'alt news' to be (pick one or all: conspiracy theory, right wing extremists, misled rabbit holers, not 'real' news etc).

And these folk are not here, they did not read your fine piece. We here are all redpilled to one degree or another, so this becomes our echo chamber?

Still once a person takes the redpill, even to a small degree, they never go back. Its a one way ratchet.

I hope D Smith is real, is what I thought I detected in the recent past with blunt talk concerning the WEF and the unjabbed. ??

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