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This dispute about India assassinating Sikh separatists in Canada was apparently discussed in an adversarial manner between Trudeau and Modi, so there may be a diplomatic squabble going on:


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Just curious, who is the chubby fellow next to Trudeau?

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Can there be any doubt that this guy ( Trudeau ) is on a leash of some kind. The question is who is on the other end of that leash. I have looked into the eyes of of many of these high level political operators (through the video lens of course) as well as other selected people directing traffic, human traffic.

I don't have to be a licensed Psychiatrist to figure out that the mannerism and expressions of many are the result early programmed mind control. They are made unaware of how unintelligent and vacuous they appear to anyone capable of real thought The most obvious signs of early exposure to programming is the breakdown of awareness of their own misbehaviour among others, and conversely zero affinity or regard of others of lower perceived stature. Trudeau's behaviour during the false Pandemic was reprehensible and downright evil kicking aside any questions which needed to be answered, instead going on non stop to insist that everyone get vaxxed.,Friedland is a classic example, lip syncing Trudeau's speeches during the peaceful Trucker convoy among other silly habits. Her wardrobe is non existent and when she wears that red dress I see red too, a red light, in the fog on a corner near a lamp post. I think this whatever it is would really like a nice green uniform with several bright red stars on the chest area and a military cap with a hammer and sickle above the visor.

Right around the Western world it's the same by and large, empty suits and empty heads.

Whatever happened to decent courageous men and women leading the way for family and Country, for truth and a fair shake for everyone willing to pull their own cart. Where are they. Instead all that pops to the stage is another glib vacuous pack of weaklings.

So back to the Leash... who owns it. Why the use of it. Obviously it benefits some, like the pick me zombies I just mentioned. You know who the Leash owners are... they are the ones who let you know every minute of the day how much smarter than you they are.


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