I was listening to that union zoom meeting while looking at the cahn web site where i saw the pride defence guide which mapped out the same tactics being proposed at the meeting. one of the speakers repeatedly used the phrase "sort of" which made me think, this bunch were not originals but just mouthing what they were told to talk about and take back to their shops. it is noteworthy here that health workers have a protest at queens park next week.

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Anthony James Hall

Why does your substack site "Looking at the world from Canada" have almost zero comments. Your articles are definitely of current and historical interest. There is much thought in these articles as well delving into things that need to be there for a larger readership.


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Something to Ponder

International Jewry has had its greatest success among the Christian Nations of western Europe and those Nations founded on Christianity in the new world. Early Catholic Christianity was not as tolerant of their usurious and wicked ways. It took several centuries before they fell before Lucifer.

All fell except one... Orthodox Christian Byzantine

The Byzantine Empire managed to last well over 1000 years as a Christian enclave adhering to Orthodox Roman Catholicism. Its founder Constantine the first Christian Emperor had experienced the fall of Rome, and all the corruption and terror that fell on to its people which he blamed largely on the Jews living in the city.

Constantine moved the church to Anatolia ( modern Turkey ) and started the resurrection of a new Rome and built the first city Constantinople and seat of the Eastern Roman Orthodox Christian Church. Jews were not forbidden to live there, but became subject to laws and restrictions on their activities among the populace. They could not be in the business of money lending, banking or ever be employed in the handling of the Empires currency, or be in any position of power over the citizens such as lawyers or judges. They could not be educators to the young, doctors or healers except to their own people. The later Emperor Justinian codified these rules and laws which made them binding and transgressors were punished severely.

Only Byzantium did not among the Christian Nations succumb to the Jewish Yoke thanks to the ironclad protections it enacted to stop them. Byzantium lasted through many glorious and prosperous centuries for almost 1200 years.

How come that such a great Christian Empire existing for 1200 years right on the doorstep of Europe never even rates a mention in high school texts of history. I'll render a clue, Jewish and Vatican Roman Catholic Church censorship the two are one and the same. We wouldn't want those kids to learn about Jewish deviltry and how to stop it in its tracks now would we.

The same might be said of Russia and the Orthodox Christian Church, a direct descendant of the Byzantine Orthodox Christian Church. The 1917 revolution was co- opted by the Bolsheviks and turned into a Jewish power grab. The ensuing blood bath, fear and terror spread across Russia left little room for dissent and of course the clergy where first up for liquidation along with intellectuals, educators, land owners, business men and the rest of the booosh waa. Sorry can't find my dictionary.

There is much more to be said here since international Jewry never stops being the antagonist, raging and threatening against any so called by them suppressors of Jewish rights and privileges. They are not done with Russia or Ukraine, murdering millions of human beings was not enough. They wan't lots and lots of more killing... Slav killing Slav until they cease to exist in any meaningful way.

Virtually all Zionist Jews are of Khazar origin, not of palestine Jewish descent. The Khazars converted to Judaism sometime in the 9th century. The Khazarian Empire encompassed the Crimea as well as south central Ukraine. Originally Heathen nomads they were a nasty people, hostage for ransom, murder for hire, slave traders, and child sacrificers . When word got out to the court of the Kievan Kingdoms Christian Ruler that captured mere babies were thrown live into the fiery belly of their God the Khazar King and his court were called out to a meeting which also included a Byzantine delegation

as they too were aware of this grizzly practice. The Khazars understood that a failure to show would lead to an invasion.

It was agreed that the Khazars would stop being pagans and get rid of their baby broasting demon. They were given a choice of any one of the three Abrahamic religious faiths to worship... Christianity, Islam. or Judaism. The chose Judaism because so the story goes they were fond of alcohol and since Judaism was the only one of the three that did not forbid alcohol they chose Judaism.

But I... however think otherwise, Judaism or Talmudism is an atheistic system of evil that suited these bastard Khazars just fine.

But.. long story short the Khazars failed to live up to their promise and were caught roasting babies again. The Prince of Kiev's soldiers and the Byzantine army sent the Khazars into a great diaspora destroying their Empire and leaving the Khazars fleeing in all directions mostly south to Hungary, Poland the Baltic area, and also into the Ukraine and what is now Russia. Sound familiar, thats some prophetic book huh... the Talmud.

The descendants of these Khazars really did a real job on the Russian Slavs didn't they ... millions tortured and dead through the Bolshevik revolution. Now it is the Ukraines turn again. We lost our great Khazarian Empire located in the Ukraine and Crimea eight centuries ago but now you gonna pay and give it all back to us. By the way most of you will have to die likely through a gene marker that makes your race particularly vulnerable. Have a nice day.

The sixty four thousand dollar question to me is. WILL RUSSIA AND PUTIN BE NEXT?

I don't ever think about the west where its always the best... collapsing into loathsome vassal regions. we are already there, and I suspect a lot of people already sense it.

I have been thinking of moving to one of the peaceful islands in the Baltic for my remaining limited time on spaceship earth. Might seem like moving closer to a more dangerous area, but I have friends there who hear very little of that conflict and live a quiet peaceful existence with lots of friends and good times.

But Canada is in my blood, as in Alberta and BC, as in the Rocky Mountains, the foothills of southern Alberta and the Columbia Valley in BC. I spent close to 50 years living off the grid which unlike today does not mean living totally away from civilization.

Living off grid to me means living with as little commercial power delivery as possible, and providing sustenance like food protein and plant on your own. Our kids grew up on game meat, goats milk and cheese, free roaming chickens and eggs home grown vegetables and fruit. started with ten acres in the Porcupine Hills of southern Alberta, and then lastly we moved on 80 acres in the Kootenays of BC. On the BC farm the pavement of the highway ended 800 feet from our house, But it was pure wilderness every kind of critter passed through our homestead.. Mule deer, Elk, Moose, Whitetail deer, and the odd small group of Bighorn Rams in search of females, Wolves, Cougars, black bears, and Grizzlies. We had a Mountain creek supplying fresh water straight to the tap at 60 pounds pressure, a huge septic field of my own design. There is a heck of a lot more to tell of this experience but i'll leave it at that for now. Just for the record, I consider myself a fringe man as opposed to a hermit. I need space and some solitude but I would not turn my back on civilization we all need need the company of others lest we go mad.


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1) Project the darkness and evil within yourself, which you "cannot see" onto adversaries.

2) Decry those adversaries as subhuman ("Jews","Slavs", "Gypsies", "Counter-revolutionaries", "unvaccinated", "deplorables","haters", "white supremacists").

3) Many further options will be open if you can convince others that your accusations are true.

4) Rinse.

5) Repeat.

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